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Different Types of Skiing You Should Know About

What do you know about skiing? The first image that may pop into your mind is a ski resort where people gather to enjoy the holidays, roast some marshmallows on an open fire and, of course, ski down slopes. But, there is more to this sport than just being a pastime for people.

What you do not know is that skiing is a complex and serious winter sport. If you want to become a ski instructor, courses on the proper skiing techniques will be taught to you. But there are different types of skiing people do. Do you know which ones you want to teach? Check them out:   

Alpine skiing

Alpine is the most popular one there is when it comes to this sport. There is a chairlift that will help you get to the top of the mountain. You will then ski down the mountain. Your boots are fixed to the skis, so it is the safest way to participate in this sport.

Freestyle skiing

This type of skiing emphasises the agility and control of skiers to do turns and tricks on the slopes. It is now a widespread competitive sport that many athletes participate in every year. Motor coordination and balance are vital to partake in this sport.

Freestyle skiing is further categorised into aerials, acro, moguls, dual moguls, and big air. Aerials refer to jumps while acro refers to a choreographed routine that is performed on the slope. On the other hand, moguls refer to a skier’s skill to jump over bumps on slopes. Double-moguls is when two skiers go head-to-head. Finally, big air refers to the almost acrobatic routine of quick turns, twists, and spins while in mid-air.

Off-piste skiing

Off-piste skiing is dangerous if you are a beginner. It is when you ski off a groomed piste (untouched snow). You can potentially hurt yourself or endanger your safety when you try this without having someone else teach you the proper way of going about it. You need to at least master the most basic skiing positions and techniques to partake in this type of skiing. That is why you need to practice consistently. When you finally reach an intermediate to advanced level in skiing, you will finally be able to get an exhilarating rush when you go off-piste.

Telemark Skiing

This type of skiing has a lot of similarities with Alpine. The main difference is that in telemark skiing, the skis are not attached to the heel. That is why it is a heart-pumping activity. Although it allows the skier to have more flexibility, it is only for the daredevils and the brave souls.

Adaptive Skiing

Skiing is an inclusive sport. It does not consider your gender or race, and it especially does not discriminate against people with physical disability or deformity. You can participate and become a Paralympian if you wish to, by using adaptive equipment. And, this is where adaptive skiing comes in.

As you can see, there is a lot more to skiing than meets the eye. Once you figure out what you want, you should immediately go for it.

Image: Pixabay.com